For community groups and organisations

Help to create homes for your community, by your community. For community groups and organisations, or individuals interested in starting one.

Why get involved in community led housing?
Community led housing is an antidote to our housing crisis and a way to create the homes and neighbourhoods that our communities want and need. People decide to do this to take power and control over their own homes, lives and communities, and to create something better. There are all sorts of reasons why communities might take matters into their own hands and we’ve highlighted a few of the benefits of community led housing here.


Step 1 – take a free health check 
This is the first step in working with us. We’ll talk with about your aims, your progress so far, your strengths and your weaknesses. Then we’ll provide you with a report which gives you some suggestions about what you can do to achieve your ambitions, and what we can do to help. This is a free review taking around half a day.

Step 2 – create a plan 
If you decide you would like our help, then we’ll work together to create a support plan. The support we offer you will depend on the stage you are at, whether that’s just starting out, finalising plans, building or renovating homes, or helping your new residents move in. The role of our advisers is to guide, mentor and support you by sharing our expertise of housing development, delivery and management.

We can help you to think through how best to achieve your objectives and everything you need to consider at each stage of your journey:

Your group
  • Group organisation & incorporation
  • Policies & procedures
  • Training and development
  • Partnerships & network development
  • Business planning, financial modelling and forecasting

Your project
  • Group organisation & incorporation
  • Policies & procedures
  • Training and development
  • Partnerships & network development
  • Business Planning, financial modelling and forecasting

Your homes
  • Leasing and selling
  • Moving in
  • Managing tenants
  • Housing 7 grounds maintenance

We don’t offer specialist professional services such as acting as a surveyor, solicitor, financial adviser, land agent, accountant or architect, but we can help you find the right people for the job.

Depending on your group and proposal, we may be able to provide some of this support free of charge initially, or we may help you apply for funding to pay for it. We also offer fee-paying consultancy work.

Step 3 – join the network

We encourage everyone who shares our values and would like to see a new wave of Community-Led Housing in the West Midlands to become a member of wMUCH.

Why work with us?

  • We offer practical advice and support to make your community led housing ideas and ambitions a reality. We can be very flexible in our approach, enabling us to support you in the best way to suit you.
  • We are a specialist community led housing support organisation and supporting project like yours is our reason for existing. Our advisers have undertaken nationally accredited training in all aspects of community led housing. They have a wide range of experience in all types of community led housing, community enterprise, regeneration and partnership working​.
  • We are well connected. We work collaboratively with and are a trusted partner to a range of stakeholders across the region such as local authorities and housing associations, so we can make introductions and help to build support for your project.
  • We have a network of potential partners and professional service providers that you might need along the way, such as architects, surveyors etc. and can help to introduce you.
  • We are independent, so we can really listen to your needs and work freely to find the best solution for you.
  • We are part of a national network of hubs like us, with access to ideas, experiences and insights from across the country.
  • Ultimately, we are building a community of practice where like-minded organisations can come together and learn from one another. So by working with us you’ll be part of something bigger too. We encourage everyone who shares our values and would like to see a new wave of community led housing in the West Midlands to become a member of wMUCH.