The benefits of community led housing

All over the country, communities are taking power and creating their own homes through community led housing projects. Community led housing is an antidote to our housing crisis and a way to create the homes and neighbourhoods that our communities want and need. There are so many benefits that we haven’t included them all here, but here’s a flavour to whet your appetite. Different things will be important to different people, groups and organisations – so do talk to us if you’d like to hear more about what could be in it for you or your organisation and the community where you live, work or play.

Quality affordable housing
  • Protect affordability for future generations
  • Space, design and amenities to meet community needs and aspirations
  • Creating new homes that other providers would not
Vibrant, resilient communities
  • Empowering people to actively participate and make decisions about the places they live
  • Bringing people together to create connections
  • Communal spaces to eat, work, play, socialise and share amenities
Sustainable local economies
  • Support to live locally so shops, businesses and schools thrive
  • Sustainable design to tackle the climate emergency and fuel poverty
  • Supporting the development of local skills, jobs and supply chains